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Frequently Asked Questions About Botox *

In this blog we refer to all Botulinum Toxin preparations as Botox * because this term is now commonly used to mean just that.

Suite 22 founder, Dr. Kate Coleman, wrote the best selling book “The Art of Botulinum Toxin” (Elsevier publishers) in 2004 and has travelled extensively as a world expert in the use of  Botulinum Toxin in eyelid surgery. She has a special interest in Botox and Dysport use to treat Facial Palsy and is a member of the WOC (World Ophthalmology Council) expert panel in eyelid surgery. More recently, in June 2013, she lectured on Botox and eyelid rejuvenation at the European Society of Ophthalmology in Copenhagen.

Dr. Kate will lecture on “Botox and Eyelid Surgery” as guest expert on the cosmetic eyelid surgery panel at the World Ophthalmology Council in Japan in April 2014.

How did Dr. Kate Coleman discover Botulinum Toxin/Botox/Dysport for eliminating wrinkles in 1988 ?
Botox *is now a household name and synonymous with wrinkle reduction, cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenation.  “Botox” actually is a brand name owned by Allergan Pharmaceuticals and other types of Botulinum Toxin include Dysport (Ipsen) and Myobloc (Elan).

Dr. Kate Coleman currently practices at Suite 22, which she founded in 1996 and has headquarters in Blackrock Clinic , Dublin, where she trains and oversees a team of expert doctors and nurses in innovative Botulinum toxin and facial rejuvenation methods.

Suite 22 specialise in Botox * treatments that look NATURAL, FRESH, UNNOTICABLE. We want all of your face to look the same age…..your pre Botox * assessment and consultation with our experts will provide you with ample time to have all your questions answered and any concerns addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Botox *

  • Am I too young to treat my frown?

    Even babies frown! But frown lines do bother some people. We call these dynamic lines, but when they become permanent, i.e. fine static wrinkles, Botox * alone will be enough to remove them. Permanent lines and wrinkles can occur in your 20’s, especially if you have fair skin or exposed yourself to excessive sunshine at an early age. Botox * will stop the muscles over the eyebrow from knitting together, or creating lines across the forehead. Younger skin will quickly repair the surface of the fine lines and a smooth surface will return. Our doctor will instruct you on prevention of further UV skin damage. If you have only fine lines between your eyebrows or across your forehead, simply giving the underlying muscles a rest could eliminate these lines in just a few weeks Deeper lines usually occur in the 30’s and usually benefit from two Botox * treatments a year to maintain naturally smooth looking skin.
  • Once I start Botox *, do I have to continue?

    NO! You can stop and start Botox * at any time, once your doctor decides it is safe for you.
  • How does Botox * remove wrinkles?

    Every time you have Botox * to remove a wrinkle, it will paralyse the underlying muscles. These muscles will stop squeezing the skin over those wrinkles, allowing the skin to flatten out, renew itself and recover. If you don’t have another treatment with Botox *, the muscles will gradually build up their strength again and the dynamic lines will return (usually after 12 weeks). This means that you will be able to move those treated muscles again at will. The more these muscles move and squeeze the overlying skin, the sooner the wrinkles will return. Usually, the lines take at least six months to return and often are milder than originally. Combine your Botox * with good active skin care and your lines may remain un-noticeable for many months longer than the 12 weeks of Botox * action.
  • How long does my Botox * treatment last?

    Full treatment will stop muscle movement for 12 weeks, although you will often see a longer result because the weakened muscles will often ‘have broken the habit’ of wrinkling your skin. Frown muscles, for example between and over your eyebrows, quickly lose their habit of frowning. Smile lines, for example, crows feet at the corner of your eyes, usually start working as soon as the Botox * has worn off. Not surprising, consider how much you smiled as a baby!
  • Can I have a short Botox * treatment?

    Yes, ask our experts. It usually lasts for six weeks, as opposed to 12, and often you can have more movement without the full wrinkling. This type of treatment can be called “ Botox * lite”, or “Baby Botox *”. It is ideal for special occasions, or if you want more expression for your career, e.g. acting.
  • Will Botox * for my wrinkles cause my eyelids to droop?

    No, if properly injected. It is very important that your doctor is properly trained to use the correct dose and concentration for you. If Botox * is injected into the wrong muscles on your forehead, in an unsuitable concentration, it can drift into your eyelid muscles and cause your lids to droop.
  • Will Botox * to my forehead/frown cause my eyebrows to droop?

    No, we encourage you not to have any treatment that will stop you moving your eyebrows naturally. If you have strong lines over your eyebrows which you really want removed, you will be warned by your doctor that the muscle causing them might also be moving your eyebrows and you will have time to decide whether you want or mind a temporary side effect of heavy eyebrows. We frequently encourage you to return after 14 days for review and a possible top up, at no extra charge, rather than risk excessive treatment.
  • Will Botox * hurt?

    A micro-needle is used to administer your Botox * and this can be pain free in some spots. Some parts of our faces are more sensitive, but the treatment is very quick and most patients don’t seem to notice, or require any anaesthetic.
  • Will Botox * give me “pointy eyebrows”?

    No. Our doctors are trained to identify patients who naturally have asymmetrical eyebrows (like James Bond actor Sean Connery!!). Botox * will stop some muscles working and other muscles can take over, lifting a part of the brow too high (a “Peak”). If you are at risk of this, it will be demonstrated to you BEFORE you choose to have your treatment and your doctor will explain that you will need to return after 10 days for review and possible ‘top-up’ to prevent ‘pointy eyebrows’
  • Can Botox * lift my eyebrows?

    Yes. Ask our experts how you can have a ‘brow lift’ that looks natural and fresh.
  • How long does it take for Botox * to work?

    The treatment takes 3 to 5 days to start working and the full effect takes 7 to 10 days to even out.
  • How long will my Botox * treatment last?

    Full treatment to wrinkles lasts 12 weeks. Short treatments usually last a minimum of 6 weeks.