Blackrock Clinic, Dublin


Read what our clients have to say about the treatments they have been having here at Suite 22.

Combination of treatments

I have been a patient of Suite 22 for almost five years and have always been very satisfied with the level of care and professionalism provided. The staff offer the perfect blend of up-to-the minute technology and expertise and an appropriately conservative approach – I have never felt anything less than 100% trust in their skill and judgement.

I have had BTX (forehead and crows feet) and more recently Sculptra and filler injectables (for loss of volume to cheek and upper lip), as well as recommended topical creams. Every consultation has involved a refresh assessment of what is the best approach to take and a thorough consideration of how the treatments would interact with each other. As a result, no particular treatment has brought about a dramatic or noticeable change (and which I certainly would not have wanted) but a gradual step-by-step regime to address the ageing effects as they arose.

Sarah, 38

Treatment for facial paralysis:

I am a middle-aged health care professional. I have suffered from facial paralysis since my twenties, which affected one side of my face and caused drooping of eyelids, lips and cheek area.
This change in my facial appearance caused me to lack confidence and self esteem. But at that time the treatment was minimal.
I first attended Dr. Kate Coleman’s clinic over 10 years ago. Even after the first consultation and treatment visit, I went home smiling.
The care and treatment I have continued to receive at Suite 22 is excellent. After each treatment, I noticed my confidence returning and my self esteem improving.

I have had treatment for facial asymmetry, facial rejuvenation, eye rejuvenation and treatment for the mouth area. My facial paralysis is now scarcely noticeable to myself and my family and new acquaintances often believe I am 10-15 years younger than I really am.

I am delighted that Dr. Kate Coleman is back at work again and hope she will continue for many years.

Mary, 62

Viora Reaction RF Treatment

”I hated the way my face and neck began to droop and I felt that it was aging me. I did some research and came across Suite 22 and the Viora Reaction RF treatment. I felt this would be a good starting point as the treatment was not invasive. My experience was amazing from start to finish. The nurse explained I would have immediate results but that you need a course to reap the benefits. I was so surprised after my six treatments at how tight my skin looked and felt. I can really see a difference in my before and after pictures. All my girlfriends want to know what I have been doing to look so well, while still moving my face! Thank you to all the team at suite 22. I feel and look great! ”
Marguerite, 55

Glycolic Peel

“I am 32 years old and had a few weddings on this summer, which I decided I wanted to look my best for. My skin felt dull and I wanted to get a nice fresh look without having any pain. I had heard about Suite 22 through a friend so booked in for a glycolic peel with one of their nurses. After a full skin assessment, where I learnt lots of tips on how to care for my skin, I decided to go ahead with a peel. I had 3 peels over the course of the summer and I was delighted. The treatment takes 30 minutes and although there is a slight tingling sensation, there is no pain and very little side effects. They guide you through the aftercare and I really was delighted with the results. Everyone commented on how great I looked and I know it was down to the glycolic peels! Thank you Suite 22 ”
Alex, 32

Dermal Fillers
“Every time I went to the hairdressers or caught a glance in the mirror, all I could see were the shadows and lines around my mouth. After seeing an ad in Image magazine for Suite 22 I decided that this clinic sounded right for me.
From my first consultation I felt at ease and satisfied that I would not look different. The before and after photos shown to me were very reassuring and after reading all the information given to me on Restylane, I decided to go ahead with the treatment. I was amazed at how immediate the results were with very little downtime. I went back to work after the treatment feeling fabulous! I have renewed confidence and feel very grateful to the staff at Suite 22”
Jackie, 41